Independent Lens on PBS features Mexican-American identity film, ‘Precious Knowledge’
by Juan J. Lopez, Dawn of Nations Today
“Precious Knowledge” a documentary film that details the battle for the continuation of ethnic studies programs in the Tucson school district, will premiere on PBS’ Independent Lens at 10 p.m. on May 17, 2012....More >>

Commentary: Native American Studies promotes social justice for New Mexico students
By Tiffany S. Lee, Associate Professor, Native American Studies
Many colleges and universities across the country are creating entities (departments, schools, colleges…), which focus on promoting positive social change and social justice in our society.  Native American Studies (NAS) at the University of New Mexico has initiated such a movement among various interdisciplinary programs at UNM because we feel this approach to education and learning is a promising and valuable endeavor that honors our mission and provides the mechanism for similar programs to unite. ...More >>

Academics Mark Rifkin, Qwo-Li Driskill lecture at Indigenous Book Festival
by Matthew J. Skeets, Dawn of Nations Today
The Indigenous Book Festival 2012 was an event I had looked forward to for quite some time.  My main interest revolved around Mark Rifkin, an associate professor at the University of North Carolina Greensboro, and Qwo-Li Driskill, a Cherokee Two-Spirit writer and educator at Texas A & M University.  Both presented at the book festival on April 12-13, 2012 at the University of New Mexicop...More >>



VIDEO: Shoshone-Bannock, Mark Trahant discuss Native American health policy at Albuquerque forum
by Akeemi and Akilah Martinez, Dawn of Nations Today...GO to VIDEO


LaDuke: Tribes must harvest traditional foods to fight climate change by Jennifer L. Begay, Dawn of Nations Today
This semester I attended a presentation by Winona LaDuke who was invited by the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) to speak as part of The Art of Change: Climate Justice and Indigenous Solutions conference. It was a two-day event held April 20-21 in Santa Fe, New Mexico....More >>



VIDEO: Trayvon Martin shooting builds racial profiling conversations in New Mexico
by Jodene A. Nerva and Alicia Frank Haviland, Dawn of Nations Today...GO to VIDEO

Georgene Louis, 34, first Pueblo woman to run for SW Albuquerque
By Jodene A. Nerva, Dawn of Nations Today
Albuquerque’s District 26 needs a new State House of Representative and Georgene Louis hopes to take the seat. Louis, 34, is a mother, educated Acoma Pueblo woman and the first Pueblo to run for the State House of Prepresentative in District 26, a newly formed district located in the Southwest corridor of Albuquerque and was created due to the large number of residents on the Westside. “I’m very excited,” Louis said about her running for the position....More >>

Embezzlement accusations prompt Navajo Nation government official credit card audit by Caitlin D. Pozernick, Dawn of Nations Today
Due to the recent ethics probe launched by the Navajo Nation to investigate the possibility of the mismanagement of external federal funds, questions have been raised about the future of the legitimacy of the Navajo Tribal government. On Feb. 29, the branch chiefs of the Navajo Nation issued an immediate three-day suspension of tribal Purchase Cards, also known as P-Cards, in order to launch a full scale of probe of P-Card abuse allegations...More >>





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Arizona State professor Jessica Metcalfe talks Native fashion by Mandy G. Hernandez, Dawn of Nations Today
Dawn of Nations Today, reporter Mandy Hernandez goes “beyond” buckskin with Jessica R. Metcalfe, author, blogger and visiting professor at Arizona State University.  ...More >>

Veteran services offer stability, support for New Mexicans who served by Aundrea D. Jackson, Dawn of Nations Today
When Jose Louis Lucero returned home from the Vietnam War he was reintroduced to civilian life and unsure of where he should turn for help. The Vietnam War hurt him mentally and physically...More >>

Navajo Veterans Affairs help man suffering PTSD complete UNM degree by Caitlin D. Pozernick, Dawn of Nations Today
Upon meeting Donavon Barney, 31, Navajo, one would never know that behind the outgoing and friendly appearance lies a wounded soldier struggling...More >>

Rainbow flag marks home for UNM’s LGBTQ Center by Matthew J. Skeets, Dawn of Nations Today
Nestled behind Dane Smith Hall, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Resource Center is providing support services for the University of New Mexico students...More >> 

Dawn of Nations Today Volumn 7; Issue 1; May 2012, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, N.M.

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