Native American Women Warriors Color Guard Honors Service
by Tina Trujillo
As Native Americans, we are very proud people especially of our Armed Forces and Veterans, although some people might disagree about women in the military...More >>

The Accidental Education of Juan J. Lopez by Juan J. Lopez
Attending the University of New Mexico as a full-time student was never a part of any of my plans. I had a career, or so I thought, in the manufactured housing industry...More >>


Gathering of Nations 2011 - First Impressions by Marcus K. Moore
I attended the Gathering of Nations Powwow at the University of New Mexico"s PIT for the first time this past weekend. I didn’t know what to expect or what to see, but I felt good knowing that I was going to an event that was geared towards the Native people of America...More >>



Tribal, State Leaders Deride ‘Geronimo’ Nickname Before Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
by Shaun Loretto Griswold
Native American leaders expressed their outrage about the use of Geronimo as code name for the mission to hunt Osama Bin Laden, during a Senate Committee on Indian Affairs meeting on May 5...More >>

Rebuilding Homes In St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana After Hurricane Katrina
By Shawna T. Nelson, Dawn of Nations Today
In March, I went to New Orleans as part of the University of New Mexico’s Alternative Spring Break, where a group of UNM students and faculty traveled to Louisiana to help rebuild houses through the St. Bernard Project...More >>

New Mexico Chile Faces Genetic Modification
by José Enriquez
One morning, the Daily Lobo featured an article about Governor Martinez signing House Bill (HB) 485 into law . I mention HB 485 because it should be of interest to all of us chile aficionados. HB 485, the New Mexico Chile Advertisement act, makes it illegal for chile grown outside of the state to be labeled as “Hatch” or “NM Grown.” More >>


Francis Phillip Montoya, otherwise was known as “FM” passed away on
May 8, 2011. FM was an alum of Native American Studies and a
long-standing member of KIVA Club at the University of New Mexico. He
was known for his kindness and willingness to help others, along with
his love of a good joke or two.

FM was from Isleta Pueblo/San Felipe Pueblo. He was an inspiration to many. We would like to honor his memory by sharing a commentary FM wrote for the May 2007 edition of the Dawn of Nations Today. FM sheds light on the early days of KIVA Club and how the organization inspired him... More >>


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Denver Landscape Impacts Tulsa Student by AaRron “MoMo” Mosley
This past spring break I went with a good friend of mine to Denver, Colo., and it was an experience that will stay with me for a long time...More >>

Sandia Mountains A New Mexico Treasure by Spenser M. Phillips
The Sandia Mountains are the perfect get away from the busy city life and they are conveniently only ten to twenty minutes away from anywhere in Albuquerque...More >>


Dawn of Nations Today Volumn 6; Issue 1; May 2011, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, N.M.

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