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Native American Studies in Film

The students who are enrolled in the Native American Studies programs come from various Native Nations and bring rich perspectives to the program and the University.  Here are some of the voices of current students and graduates of the degree programs.

Visible Voices: Native Americans at UNM  
In the spring of 2012, Dr. Beverly Singer and the undergraduate students in the NATV 300 Research Methods in Native American Contexts course, produced a follow up to the Seasons of Transformation: decolonized education film from 2006. The film, Visible Voices: Native Americans at UNM, is in post production and will be available soon.

NAS in film


Season of Transformation: decolonized education  Native American Studies at the University of New Mexico
Native American Studies believes that theory and practice are important to instruction and supports active students hands-on learning. The following video was produced by undergraduate students enrolled in "Indians in Film" taught and supervised by Dr. Beverly Singer in the summer of 2006. The video represents the voices of faculty and students instrumental in bringing renewed life to the Native American Studies program at the University of New Mexico.

VisibleVoices@UNM, NATV300 Video from Beverly Singer on Vimeo.