Native American Studies Department, University College,
University of New Mexico

Honoring Native Tradition and Community Through Academic Excellence

Native American Studies (NAS) is an academic program committed to Indigenous research and scholarship.  NAS offers a Bachelor of Arts degree and a minor degree granted through University Studies at the University of New Mexico.

Our goal is excellence in educating all students and the public about the Native experience of Indigenous peoples with significant attention given our complex history and intercultural heritage of New Mexico and the United States.

18th Annual American Indian Studies Association Conference
"Indigenous Activism and Healing"
February 2-3, 2017
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico

*Please note change in location this year from Arizona State University to the University of New Mexico*

“Indigenous Resistance and Healing”
As the 2016 presidential election unfolds, rhetorical and physical attacks against marginalized communities underscores how violence continues to be a tool utilized by the oppressor. Those seeking to maintain a racialized hierarchy while disenfranchising Americans and immigrants demarcated as the “other,” any meaningful dialogue addressing or dismantling systemic inequality and racism have been suppressed. American Indian peoples, tribal communities and nations have and continue to experience violent attacks against their language, culture, identity and sovereignty. In what ways are American Indian peoples and communities involved in not just engaging in a meaningful discussion, but providing solutions to end systemic oppression?

Furthermore, in what ways are American Indian communities continuing to maintain their identity as a people and heal despite political turmoil?

This conference looks to explore and initiate discussions regarding Indigenous resistance and healing. This includes, but not exclusive to: grassroots organizing, language revitalization, culture, art, history, environment, governance, education, Native youth, issues regarding gender, and all other topics related to Indigenous resistance and healing.

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Native American Studies @ UNM

Curriculum Philosophy

  1. Interdisciplinary approach
  2. Academic component – classroom instruction by Native American faculty, internships, independent study
  3. Research component - Experiential Activity woven into course work
  4. Applied degree – Community-based and Service learning
  5. Degree potential in communities and multiple professional settings
  6. Philosophical focus on Self-determination and Indigenous pedagogy

Native American Studies Degree Skill Base

  1. Research Skills
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Problem Solving Skills
  4. Community Building/Leadership
  5. Baseline knowledge of Indigenous Issues Valuable to Native Communities, Leadership, and Governmental Agencies

NAS Graduates Professional Pursuits

  1. Graduate School:  Public Administration, Law School, Water Resources, Community and Regional Planning, American Studies, Sociology, Museum Studies, Journalism, and Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies
  2. Native American Community Based Non-profits
  3. Tribal, State and Federal Agencies
  4. Native American Education