Advising available by scheduling an appointment through Loboachieve:

  1. Go to using your UNM NetID and Password.  If you do not have one, create one at
  2. On the Services tab, you will automatically be connected to an Advisement center for the current term.  If your major has not changed, select Schedule an Appointment with the listed office.  However, if your major is changing, you will need to manually search for your advisement center in the Search Services box.
  3. In the Search Services box, you will need to enter the name of the advisor or the desired advising office.  When you find the appropriate office, select Schedule Appointment.
  4. Select the appointment time that fits your schedule.
  5. Enter the reason for your appointment and select schedule.
  6. You will receive an appointment confirmation email that will be sent to your UNM email address.

NAS Sr. Student Success Specialist

Catherine Montoya (Diné)
Phone:  505.277.3715
Office:  3077 Mesa Vista Hall

Important tools

The following tools and resources can help you stay on track and be successful and you progress towards graduation.


Go to to view UNM policies and information about all degree programs at UNM.  To access Native American Studies major or minor information go to Colleges > College of Arts & Sciences > Native American Studies > Undergraduate Program.


The UNM General Education must be completed by all undergraduate students.  There are eight areas:  Writing & Speaking, Mathematics & Statistics, Physical & Natural Sciences, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Humanities, Second Language, Fine Arts, & Student Choice.  You can find the UNM General Education sheet at this link:  GENED.UNM.EDU or see your Lobotrax Degree Audit.


This is a helpful site to quickly search for your courses for Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters.  In this site, you can filter for part of term, online, subject area, and by many others to help you find the Course Registration Numbers (CRN) for the upcoming semester:  SCHEDULE.UNM.EDU.


Go to the website > Semester Deadline Dates > Select semester to see various deadlines for Full Term (16-week courses), First Half (1st 8-week courses), or Second Half (2nd 8-week courses).  Useful to see deadlines for adding or dropping courses.


Use a degree checklist to stay on track in meeting all graduation requirements.  If your scholarship organization requires a Degree Checklist, use the following steps to prepare one:

  1. Download the Degree Plan Template.
  2. Fill out the template with your current semester courses and ALL remaining courses needed to graduate.
  3. Use your Lobotrax Degree Audit and the UNM Catalog to make sure you are meeting all prerequisite courses, UNM Core, major, minor, and other graduation requirements with the classes you select.
  4. Place courses in order of upcoming semesters from now until graduation.
  5. Email completed template with your initials to the NAS Student Programs Specialist before your appointment.
  6. Schedule an appointment through
  7. Review Degree Plan with advisor and finalize.